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Who are we?

Eliane is our head designer and seamstress. From practicing law to crafting beachwear masterpieces, Eliane's transition was fueled by an unwavering passion cultivated since her teenage years.

With over two decades of expertise in the beachwear industry, she has transformed dreams into tangible pieces of art that embody the essence of coastal allure and style. Each creation is a testament to the enduring love for craftsmanship and fashion that defines Eliane's vision.

Adding a touch of modernity and creativity to our family legacy is Thanne, an advertising maven with an innate love for fashion. Stepping into the world of Benatti Beachwear a few years ago, she seamlessly blended her unique perspective and artistic flair

Thanne's passion for design and contemporary trends has brought new dimensions of creativity to our collections, ensuring that each piece tells a story of both tradition and innovation

Together, as a mother-daughter team, we strive to create beachwear that not only reflects our shared love for timeless elegance but also embraces the ever-evolving spirit of fashion.